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API Spec Q2

The world’s most advanced industry certification standard for oil and natural gas service providers, API Specification Q2.API Spec Q2 is developed in the way to help the Oil and Natural Gas Owners to implement and to maintain the most advanced industrial practice.

Namely “drilling service provider who is in compliance with the local and Legal requirements can move forward to implement and achieve API Spec Q2 Certification.

API Spec Q2 is the first ever quality management system (QMS) certification for service supply organizations in the oil and natural gas industry. Its approach to industry improvement is like that of API Spec Q1, which certifies oil and gas equipment manufacturers for the safety, consistency, and interchangeability of their products.

The Birth of API Spec Q2 Standard is to reduce risk and improve service quality by identifying and standardizing the expectations for execution of upstream services like well construction, intervention, production, and abandonment.

To Achieve the certification, an organization must have robust procedures established within the organization to ensure personnel competency, risk assessment, contingency planning, and other key QMS elements.

Introduction API Spec Q2 Training:

API Spec Q2 comes from The American Petroleum Institute, the only national trade association that represents all aspects of America’s oil and natural gas industry. The catalyst for Q2aimed at service organization supplying services for the upstream petroleum and natural gas industries.

API Spec Q2 covers a range of key principles, such as Management of Change, Calibration, Audit, Personnel Competence, Preventative Actions, Risk Management and Reporting/Data Analysis. API Spec Q2 is evidence driven, meaning that companies will have to capture and report on as many data points as possible.

The benefits of complying with API Spec Q2 will be better management of risk and improved business operations. As an evidence-based specification, those higher in the supply chain and ultimately, the Super Majors will demand adherence from those below. Over time, the Industry will be forced to adopt API Q2 if they wish to continue supplying to the sector.


  • Clients including onshore field sites including drilling rig sites, Offices; Offshore drilling platforms; and Supplier manufacturing facilities.
  • Organizations / Personnel interested in API Spec Q2 Certification
  • Organization or Personnel involved in API product-related repair, remanufacture, reconditioning, refurbishment and overhaul of Oil and Gas Equipment
  • API Spec Q2 Licensees / API Spec Q2 Applicants.
  • Quality Assurance Personnel; Management Representative.
  • Service providers for the Oilfield Equipment.
  • API – Quality Management System Auditors.
  • Person managing API Services and API QMS in the organization.


  • Workshop based training, combining various techniques like:
  • Live Discussions, Brain Storming, Case Studies
  • Exercises, Readings & Sharing Practical Experiences
  • Best in Class Audit Practices
  • Mock Audits & Feedback session from the above exercises

Course Content:

  • Introduction to API Quality Management System.
  • API Spec Q2 Program requirements.
  • Requirements for API QMS Internal Auditor Certification.
  • Over view of API Spec Q2.
  • Brief discussion and training on API Spec Q2 requirements.
  • Introduction to QMS auditing & practices.
  • Audit planning for QMS, Audit techniques – QMS.
  • Brief discussion and training on Legal & other requirements for QMS
  • Audit protocol; Recording and reporting non-conformances.
  • Evaluating audit non-conformities; Preparing audit reports and records.
  • Corrective action and audit close out process.
  • Role play; Written examination.
  • Vegas Consulting Group, a global training, consulting and implementation based organization in the field of oil and gas, offers services to a wide range of Operators, Service Providers, and Equipment manufacturers.
  • If your organization provides services for the oil & Gas, Vegas CG can train, implement, document, verify and audit a management system conformant to API Spec Q1 / API Spec Q2 requirements.
  • Vegas Consultancy, with its worldwide client base and implementation practices, has standards experts who have intricate and successful experience guiding entities through Quality Management System assessments and implementations.
  • By a thorough review of Level 01 to Level 4 documents – Quality Manual, Documented Procedures, Records and other critical documentation of processes, Vegas Consultancy Engineers can accurately scope the necessary effort involved to implement a process-focused Quality Management System solution that not only meets the requirements of API Spec Q1 / API Spec Q2 but is also customized to your Organizations working culture.
  • Vegas CG can perform an accurate gap assessment, existing non-conformities and lack of data in comparison to a current system, and develop documentation that to close identified gaps from that analysis. Mentoring and Audit training is implemented, in turn allowing your entity to generate necessary records to achieve API Spec Q1 / API Spec Q2 compliance.
  • An API Spec Q1 / API Spec Q2 audit and corrective action are other sub-deliverables Vegas Consultancy provide in its comprehensive solution package, enabling your entity to enter an external audit with a level of organization and confidence.

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