HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

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HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis, Critical Control Point. It is a State of the art concept/system that ensures food safety. It is a worldwide accepted process that is designed to provide increased monitoring and control during the critical stages of the food processing chain. HACCP is a preventive quality assurance process. Compliance with HACCP certification is often demanded by customers worldwide.

Experts at Vegas CG Help different processed food industries with the development and implementation programs complying with HACCP standards.

HACCP Principles

Conduct a hazard analysis
Identify critical control points
Establish corrective actions
Establish critical control point monitoring requirements
Establish critical limits for each critical control point
Establish procedure for verifying the HACCP system
Establish record keeping procedures

Key Benefits of HACCP

  • Sanitation control
  • Export advantage
  • Reliability in the food product
  • Advantageous inspection process
  • Effective response to RECALL and P/L
  • Prevention from the food hygiene problems
  • Food production to distribution in sanitary manner
  • Reduction of defective product and customer complaints
  • Choice of sanitary food product through public certification

Who can Use Hazard Analysis and Critical Points (HACCP)?

  • HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is designed by the experts which can be used by any organisation involved in the food chain, irrespective of their size or geographical location.

How Vegas CG Can Help You ?

You get much more than just a certificate with Vegas CG as your audit and certification partner, Vegas CG provides valuable tools to reduce documentation, and helps identify cost savings, and provides assistance in avoiding deviation of an original process.

Our Team of experts function as part of your management team and help your orginisation achieve greater benefits of the management system.

Certification Process :

VCG shall initially review the client enquiry and send them a questionnaire for their completion. Based on the completed questionnaire from the client VCG will take a decision for certifications, for which a quote will be sent to the client for 3 years of certification period. Click here to know more information about the certification process.

Conformatiy Assessment Stages & Cycle

STAGE 1 – Document review & Initial visit

  • To verify how well the organisation has understood requirements of the standard and there progress.
  • Collect information on the scope of the management system, organisations related statutory, regulatory and legal compliance aspects.


  • Detailed Report will be prepared and communicated by end of the Man-day by the audit team.
  • The Duration for Stage 2 Audit will be decided based on the Non-Conformance raised during Stage 1.

STAGE 2 -Initial Assessment – On Site

  • To evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of your management system.
  • To evidence that the management system conforms to the standard & other requirements.
  • Conformance to internal auditing and management review management responsibility for your organisation’s policies


  • The Report records the results of the assessment, any areas for improvement and any identified and agreed non-conformities.
  • Detailed Report will be prepared and communicated by end of the Audit day by the audit team.

Themed Surveillance Audit

To make sure your management system is still effective, and to follow up on the progress that has been made since last visit. Visits occur at regular intervals of 1yrs from date of previous audit.

The surveillance visits aim to confirm that the approved management system continues to:

  • To be maintained
  • To be operational
  • Deliver continual improvements.


A detailed report will be submitted by the assessor’s team including long term improvement, record findings, Feedback to senior management. System weaknesses & impact that can adversely on the business.

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