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ISO 14064 – Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Verification

ISO 14064 provides industry and government with a set of tools to develop programs aimed at reducing GHG emissions. It will also assist your organization to operate within emissions trading schemes. Call our experts today for more information.
Vegas CG enables an organization against ISO 14064 parts 1 and 2 to provide verification of your greenhouse gas emissions and reductions. Working to this international standard increases your credibility in the marketplace, and demonstrates your commitment to operating in a greener way. Verification by our experts ensures the independence of your assessments and reports.

The ISO 14064 standard comprises three parts:

Part 1 – specifies requirements for designing and developing organization or entity-level GHG inventories
Part 2 – details requirements for quantifying, monitoring and reporting emission reductions and removal enhancements from GHG projects, and
Part 3 – provides requirements and guidance for the conducting of GHG information validation and verification

Benefits of ISO 14064

  • Show commitment – prove your commitment to being a greener organisation to your stakeholders, by reducing your carbon emissions and having those reductions independently verified and validated.
  • Internal improvements – develop robust internal mechanisms for quantifying and reporting GHG emissions
  • Trust – the standard will help you prepare legitimate GHG assertions, claims and reports which can be used to build trust with your stakeholders.
  • Robust systems – To implement robust systems for the monitoring and reporting of GHG emissions
  • Future proofing – it will facilitate the development and implementation of your GHG management strategies and plans for the future.
  • Monitoring – it will provide the ability to track performance and progress in the reduction of GHG emissions and/or the increase in GHG removals.
  • Credibility – To enhance the credibility, consistency and transparency of GHG quantification, monitoring and reporting to any interested parties.

VEGAS CG Certification Process

VEGAS CG has a unique approach of certification which complies with the requirement for bodies providing audit and certification of management system.

Click here to know more information about the certification process by VEGAS CG

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