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  • Provide an understanding of the benefits of ISO 27001 and ISMS audit
  • Provide an understanding of the principles and benefits of information security management
  • Application of accepted audit protocols plan and undertake internal information security audits
Course Contents:
  • Establishing an internal information security audit programme addressing 114 controls.
  • Management systems and the need for audits.Selection and training of internal auditors
  • Planning, preparing, performing and reporting internal ISMS audits, Verifying corrective action
Course Details:
  • The course is presented by Vegas CG Information Security Specialist, Course delivery is through lectures, delegate interaction, etc.,
  • The course includes daytime refreshments and training certificate.

Duration: 1 days
Venue: Public / In-house

  • Introduction to the concepts of food safety and HACCP
  • Facilitate understanding of food safety matters and the legal implications
  • Promote the seven HACCP principles and adoption of best ?practices
Course Contents:
  • Introduction to food safety Legislation and standardisation
  • Prerequisites Introduction to HACCP Implementation of HACCP
Course Details:
  • The course will be delivered by VegasCG IT Security specialist, Course delivery is through lectures, delegate interaction.
  • Course includes daytime refreshments and training certificate

Duration: 2 days
Venue: Public / In-house

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