Robust APIQR & Monogram Implementation and Design Plan

Vegas Consulting has helped many organizations achieving the API mark of excellence. Our Assured Consulting Approach and Agile Method of System Implementation help organizations to set up an effective API Quality Management System and achieve certification.

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Vegas - Implementation Process

Your path to API success

Your success is our success. We are with you every step to assist you with robust implementation, systematic and errorless documentation approach. We create a customized implementation plan for business scope that helps you reach your most important API compliance goals faster and successful certification.

Stage 1 - Preparation

  • Set your API goals
  • Define the scope
  • Implementation approach
  • Who is responsible?
  • Build an enthusiastic team
  • Conduct a gap analysis
  • Plan your API project

Stage 2 - Documentation

  • Determine the document requirements
  • Develop documentation
  • Set plan, usage and control
  • Where to start?
  • Review and approval
  • API system formation
  • What we get?

Stage 3 - Implementation

  • Introduce processes and procedures
  • Review work instructions
  • Maintain records and templates
  • Convey requirements to staff
  • Convey requirements to subcontractors
  • Review and verify the conformance
  • Achieve process improvement

Stage 4 - Internal Audit

  • Setup audit program
  • Provide auditor training
  • Review and verify the process
  • Train management, team and staff
  • Conduct an internal audit
  • Management review meeting
  • Performed data analysis

Stage 5 - Certification

  • Help you for 3rd party audit
  • Prepare company and staff
  • API performing stage 1 & 2 audit
  • Implement corrective action
  • Pass stage 1 and 2 audits
  • Market your certification
  • API QMS maintenance - Add-on

API - Application Timeline

Oil and Gas companies achieve certification

APIQR & Monogram certification is a very stringent and demanding across the world. API certification requires 100% compliance to the standard and procedures followed by the Oil and Gas industries. Hence system implementation as per API standard requires a clear systematic approach that fits your company’s processes and complies fully with the applicable standards.

  1. Submit Application

  2. Quality Manual and Application Review (30 days)

  3. Auditor Assignment (30 days)

  4. On-Site Audit (60+ days)

  5. Audit Review by Quality Associate (30 days)

  6. License and Registration Granted from API

  7. Annual Audit for Quality Registrations (1st year)

  8. Renewal Audit (2nd year)

  9. Recertification (Every 3 years)

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