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Enhancing compliance with Non conformities

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api non conformance closure services for oil and gas

Closing Non-conformities and reporting Services

Non-conformance (NC) refers to any deviation from the specified requirements, standards, or procedures.

When a non-conformance is identified within an organization, it is crucial to document and report it through a structured non-conformance reporting (NCR) process. This involves capturing relevant information about the nonconformance, such as the nature of the deviation, its impact, and any associated corrective actions or preventive measures taken.

API non-conformance reporting aims to facilitate effective management of nonconformities, ensuring that appropriate actions are taken to address and rectify the identified issues. This process promotes quality control, continual improvement, and compliance with API standards, ultimately contributing to the overall integrity and safety of operations within the oil and gas industry.

Types of non-conformances we support

  • A Major Non-Conformance: major non-conformance is a significant deviation or failure to comply with the audit criteria or requirements, having a profound impact on the effectiveness, safety, quality, or compliance of the audited system, process, or product. These non-conformances often involve critical lapses, systemic failures, non-compliance with regulatory requirements, or high-risk issues that could potentially compromise safety or quality. Prompt identification and corrective action are essential to address major non-conformances and mitigate their impact, ensuring the integrity and reliability of the audited system or process.
  • Minor Non-Conformance: A minor non-conformance refers to a less significant deviation or non-compliance with the audit criteria or requirements, resulting in a limited impact on the overall effectiveness, safety, quality, or compliance of the audited system, process, or product. These non-conformances typically involve isolated incidents, minor documentation issues, non-compliance with non-critical procedural requirements, or deviations that have minimal impact on the final product quality. While that are considered less severe, it is important to address and rectify minor non-conformances to ensure continuous improvement and adherence to standards.

NC Process

How Vegas Consulting solve non-conformities?

  1. Identify the Root Cause

    Our API consultants will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the underlying cause of non-conformance to uncover the root cause.
  2. Analyse the Impact

    Assess the impact of the non-conformance on the system, process, product, or service. We help your organization to understand the potential risks, consequences, and implications of the non-conformance
  3. Develop Corrective Actions

    Based on the identified root cause and analysis, we develop specific corrective actions to address the non-conformance. The aim of the correction action plan is to eliminate or mitigate the root cause and prevent the non-conformance from recurring.
  4. Implement Corrective Actions

    We Put the identified corrective actions into action. Assign responsibilities, establish timelines, and ensure the necessary resources are available for the implementation of the corrective actions.
  5. Monitor and Verify Effectiveness

    our team continuously monitor and track the implementation of the corrective actions. Verify their effectiveness through measurements, data analysis, and observations. We ensure that the non-conformance is adequately addressed and that the desired results are achieved.
  6. Update Documentation

    Update relevant documentation, such as procedures, work instructions, or quality records, to reflect the corrective actions taken. We ensure that the changes are properly communicated and documented for future reference.
  7. Conduct Follow-up and Review

    We Periodically review and follow up on the effectiveness of the corrective actions. Assess if the non-conformance has been effectively resolved and if any further actions are required.
NC Closure services

Providing closure non-conformities services to enhance compliance

With our expert team and comprehensive approach, we offer tailored non-conformities closures and Correction Action Preventing Action (CAPA) solutions to identify, report, and mitigate non-conformances within your organization.

Whether it’s product non-conformance, process deviations, or documentation issues, we have the expertise to guide you towards effective corrective actions. Don’t let non-conformances hinder your success—take action now and ensure your operations align with API standards. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a consultation

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