API Spec Q1 Certification Overview

API Specification Q1 is the most prestigious certification and specification for quality management system requirements for manufacturing organizations for the petroleum and natural gas industry.

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Questions to examine before applying API Q1 certification

The American Petroleum Institute offers a wide range of standards for oil and gas industries as well as quality registrations for various management systems. It is essential to understand the scope/categories and how can help your organization when deciding to apply for API Q1 certification. Here are some questions to think about:

  • Is my organization/facility a manufacturer or a service provider?
  • What products or services would like my facility to offering in the future?
  • What are my customers asking me in terms of certifications?
  • Do we want a management system to control the product & process confirmance
  • Do we have a verified design package for my facility?
  • Can we afford for certification from API? Or, can we afford not to get certified?
  • Is your organization manufacturing? Click here to see the list of API Monogram Licenses.
  • How well is the supplier risk & critically controlled?
  • How well does my facility currently meet industry requirements?

Invest in your future by improving your business. Our API Spec Q1 certification consulting services has helped many clients achieving long-term success. We guarantee your management system to meet API Q1 certification requirements.

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The 10th edition of API Specification Q1, a quality management system (QMS) standard, was published by the American Petroleum Institute (API) on September 18, 2023. This edition establishes new benchmarks for quality management within the sector, reflecting API's ongoing commitment to setting and improving standards in the industry. Organizations seeking approval to use the API Monogram mark on their products must comply with the API Spec Q1 and the applicable API product specification requirements.

Companies that either manufacture products to API specifications, or provide industry services not covered by an API standard, can apply for API Q1 certification. API also offers a dual certification with the ISO 9001 Standard.

If your organization adopts API Q1 quality management system, you can demonstrate a desire to supply the high-quality products to the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industry. Registered API Spec Q1 companies demonstrate to their customers that they have the ability to consistently provide high-quality products and manufacturing-related processes that address customer and legal requirements.

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API Spec Q1 is a quality management system standard specifically designed for manufacturing organizations considering the needs of petroleum and natural gas industry. API Spec Q1 meets almost all of the ISO 9001 requirements, plus additional elements deemed valuable by the oil and natural gas industry. It is designed to promote reliability in the manufacturing sector of the petroleum and natural gas industry.

API Spec Q1 certification is the basis for obtaining an API Monogram license for marking of various products used in the oil and gas industry. The API Spec Q1 is the combination of risk assessment and risk management. Obtaining API Q1 certification helps organization to continually focus less on risk management and commitment to ensuring a better quality, safety, and reliability.

Compared to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, API Spec Q1 offers no compromise. Every requirements or components are clearly placed to ensure that your quality management system is the best-in-class and fit for manufacturing products for use in petroleum and natural gas industries.

Benefits of API Spec Q1 Certification

The objective of API Q1 certification is to outline the minimum requirements for the establishment of the Quality Management System that provides for continual improvement, emphasizes defect prevention, and strives to minimize variation and waste from manufacturing organizations. It is designed to promote reliability in the manufacturing sector of the petroleum and natural gas industry.

  • Fulfill needs of oil and gas industry and customer demands
  • Increase revenues and overcome your competitors
  • Strengthens the supply chain and increases manufacturing capacity
  • Increase product credibility with API and/or API Monogram License
  • Improve operations and reduce risks within the organization
  • Meet statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Create efficient and consistent processes across the organization
  • Improve operational efficiency, productivity, and product reliability
  • Develop a framework for future continual improvement

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Using our compliance consulting solutions, our clients can meet regulatory requirements while optimizing their operations and enhancing their customer experiences. Compliance frameworks and risk management expertise allow us to provide tailored solutions that minimize risk, increase efficiency, and enhance customer trust.

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Scope of API Q1 certification

API Q1 certification, 09th edition specifies the requirements of the quality management system for organization to demonstrate their ability to consistently provide reliable products and manufacturing-related processes that meet customer and legal requirements.

API Q1 limits the sections of the standard that are applicable for exclusion. Furthermore, such exclusions cannot affect the organization’s ability, or responsibility, to provide products and related servicing that meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements. Exclusions are limited to the following sections:

  • 5.4, Design and development;
  •, Servicing;
  •, Validation of processes for production and servicing;
  • 5.7.5, Customer-supplied property;
  • 5.8, Control of testing, measuring, and monitoring equipment;

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