API Auditing Services

Our pool of auditors have audited and assessed quality systems at facilities employing from ten to more than twenty thousand workers in over 20 different countries.

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API & ISO Audit services
API & ISO Auditing Services

Our pool of auditors have audited and assessed quality systems at facilities employing from ten to more than twenty thousand workers in over 20 different countries. This experience, along with a thorough understanding of the various standards, ensures prompt, accurate and beneficial results to our customers.

Vegas Consulting provides services for supplier, manufacturing, and quality capabilities to ensure that suppliers maintain the quality standards of you and your customers by verifying that equipment and materials conform to contractual specifications. Supplier survey includes the check on experience, technical resources, production capacity, quality control procedures and systems.

Please call our office or write to our business management executives at admin@vegascg.com to learn more about how Vegas Consulting can assist your organization achieves API Audit Services.

Our Auditing Services Encompass The Following Types Of Audits:

Internal Audit

Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value to and improve an organization's operations.

The Internal audits, are essential for an organizations certified to API standard or specification, or in the process of certification, are required to conduct internal audits at periodic intervals, evaluate and improve the effectiveness of management system and its control.

Product and Monogram Audit

A product audit is an assessment of the final product or service to determine its suitability for use, evaluated against the intended purpose. Our expert auditors can assess your organization's compliance with applicable monogram specifications during the manufacturing process. The product audit covers all critical factors that could impact the product, such as purchasing, engineering, and design.

Our product and monogram audit process ensures a thorough inspection of the final product before delivery to a supplier or customer.

Supplier Audit

Our second party audit solutions ensure you that your organization and partners are maintaining and improving the quality standards you have set for them. Our auditors not only develop the specific industry and business knowledge relevant to your organization but are also immediately operational at a fraction of the cost it would take to develop equivalent internal resources.

Gap Assessment Audit

With our professional gap assessment team, we help organizations to identity areas for improvement and bridge the gaps between their current state and their desired future state. At Vegas Consulting Group, our gap assessment services offer a risk-free method for evaluating your current state in relation to your future objectives. We leverage both national and international standards to enhance your organization's performance.

Wherever you are located, in as many locations as you may need, our auditors will challenge themselves to deliver that extra benefit that has made Vegas CG the most second party audit company.

Protect your organization’s services, brands, and reputation by monitoring the adherence of your vendors to your quality requirements.

Call our expert auditors for an assessment of your organization in-line with Vegas Consulting business excellence model, developed for the Oil & Gas Industry. Listen to the experts to decide on your line of action.

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