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Initial Audits
Audit Services
Audit FAQs
Initial Audits

API QMS / Monogram Applicants

An organization applying for an API Monogram, upon acceptance of the application, API will plan an on-site audit. Audits incorporate verification and related activity to ensure the applicant’s management system conformance to API Spec Q1 or to applied API monogram.

Applicants approved under API monogram licensing program shall be have yearly audits, to ensure and guarantee conformance with the applicable program requirements.

APIQR Applicants

Applicants of ISO 9001, API Spec Q1, API Spec Q2, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 may undertake a Stage 1 audit, upon the acknowledgement of the application. Stage 1 reviews are regularly performed on-site and may expect set stage 2 initial audit upon successful completion of stage 1 audit.

Stage 2 audits are performed on-site and incorporate conformity of management system against applicable API Spec Q1, API Spec Q2, and Monograms. Stage 2 reviews must be completed within 6 months of the stage 1 audit.

Organizations registered for API Q1, API Q2, and Monogram shall have yearly full system audits.

Auditing Support Services

At Vegas Consulting, we have professional consultants that can help your organization perform successful audits and ensure continual improvement. Our yearly maintenance program Q+ designed for organization who need expert advices to continually ensure the applicable QMS controls are in place. Our staff augmentation will prevent organization from losing their API Certification’s and we can increase the value of your business whilst making sure you meet the requirements.

Schedule a Meeting with Vegas Consulting and let us help you execute a review program. Our review programs are reasonable to your association and most importantly, can be done successfully and reliably.
Audit Services

Vegas Consulting has empaneled auditors have audited and assessed quality systems at facilities employing from ten to more than twenty thousand workers in over 20 countries. This experience, along with a thorough understanding of the various standards, ensures prompt, accurate and beneficial results to our customers.

Supplier Audit / Evaluations / Re-evaluation / Annual Surveillance / Performance Monitoring

Vegas Consulting provides services for supplier manufacturing and quality capabilities to ensure that suppliers maintain the quality standards of you and your customers by verifying that equipment and materials conform to contractual specifications. Supplier survey includes the check on experience, technical resources, production capacity, quality control procedures and systems.

Call our expert auditors for an assessment of your organization in-line with Vegas Consulting Business Excellence Model, developed for the Oil & Gas Industry. Listen to the experts to decide on your line of action.

Please call our office or write to our business management executives at to learn more about how Vegas Consulting can assist your organization achieves API Audit Services.
Audit FAQs

What is the cost of audit?

The cost of the API QMS or API Monogram audit may vary depending on the region it was conducted inthe duration of the audit and the auditor expenses.

What is the time scale of the audit?

There is no specific time period of an audit. The length of time depends on three factors:
  • Type of audit
  • Number of staffs working for the facility
  • The extent of the facility’s licenses and registrations

What Is the after-audit review process timeline?

All the API QMS or monogram applicants are subject to “first-in, first-out” audits. The process duration to complete an individual audit is based on the proper and adequate restorative actions provide to the audit findings.

What is expected time to certification?

There is no specific time period of an audit provided or promised by API. The length of certification depends on the following factors:
  • Availability of API auditor and their schedule
  • Time-lineis taken to complete the initial application process
  • Effective implementation of API QMS & Monogram requirements

How can Vegas Consulting help?

At VCG, we offer services to help you create a professional and approachable QMS management system that imparts better quality products pertaining to your business needs. Our way of approach in helping you achieve your goals is our highest priority.

Additional Questions:

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