APIQR Certification Consultancy

APIQR is organisation level certification program offered by API that propose of organisation willing to register them for quality management system.

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APIQR Certification Consultancy

APIQR is organisation level certification program offered by API that propose of organisation willing to register them for quality management system, that are provided by API as per the below specification.

Vegas Consulting Group is a dedicated organisation involved in turnkey consultancy and provide assistance in the development and implementation of management systems that conform APIQR certification program offered by API.

To learn more about API certification consultancy services or other API QMS related services, please contact Vegas Consulting today.

API Quality Registrar Program (APIQR)

API Spec Q1 – Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Manufacturing Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries

API Spec Q1 9th edition is the most advanced level of quality management system for companies involved in manufacturing equipment or components of equipment used in oil and natural gas production. Certifications under APIQR are issued exclusively by API.

API Q1 certified organization demonstrate organizations ability to consistently provide reliable products that meet customer, legal and monogram requirements.

API Spec Q2 – Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Service Supply Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries

API Spec Q2 1st edition aimed at service supply organizations which provide equipment and services with the service responsibility remains with the supplier. API Q2 application does not set any limitation for the organization as it can also be used for service organizations involved in service exploration and production service providers servicing the oil and gas industry.

API Q2 registered organizations will have a QMS that controls all operational processes, provides consistent results, manages change effectively, continually improves, reduces operational downtime, and increases customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001 – Quality Management

Global demands and an increasingly competitive business environment in the oil and natural gas industry have created new measures by which organizations must demonstrate their abilities. That’s where the APIQR can help. APIQR can register your company to ISO 9001.

**Organization registered under API Q1 can obtain ISO 9001 certification from API without any extra charges.

ISO 14001 – Environmental Management

ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that outlines how to put an effective environmental management system in place in your organization. It is designed to help businesses remain commercially successful without overlooking environmental responsibilities and impacts. It can also help you to grow sustainably while reducing the environmental impact of this growth

APIQR program offer ISO 14001 certification service which ensures that organization involved in oil and gas industry-related activities address there environmental pacts and established the required control.

ISO/TS 29001 – Oil and Gas – Sector Specific Quality Management System

ISO/TS 29001 is developed by industry and quality experts in collaboration between the American Petroleum Institute (API) and ISO technical committee ISO/TC 67, defines the quality management system requirements for the design, development, production, installation and service of products for the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries.

ISO 29001 is a sector specific certification quality standard, which is specially developed for the energy sector. For those companies working in the supply chain for the oil and gas industry, ISO/TS 29001 is an opportunity to documenting a high-quality level and control of the company’s processes. Demonstrate your commitment to industry best practice to stakeholders, contribute to cost reduction & improve safety performance.

Multi-Site Registration

Multi-site registration is applicable for API Spec Q1, API Spec Q2, and ISO 9001 registered organizations who have implemented the common management system in two or more locations. Upon successful completion of the certification process, multi-site organizations can have all relevant locations recognized on the certificate(s).

APIQR can conduct an annual on-site audit for every site enclosed within the multi-site registration. Application and annual fees apply. Extra necessities for multi-site organizations are identified in the APIQR multi-site organization questionnaire.

If your organization’s interested in consultancy services for APIQR multi-site registration, please enquire us with any question to evaluate your organization is eligible for multi-site registration.

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