The revision process for API Spec Q1 9th Edition to 10th underway, based on the general feedbacks API Spec Q1 10th Edition may expect for public usage for end of Quarter 2023, and expected a year for implementation and transition and meet the compliance.

The forecasted changes on the standard places a strong emphasis on risk identification, assessment, and mitigation as integral components of its requirements. It also highlights the essentiality of leadership commitment, customer focus, and continuous improvement to achieve efficient and effective operations.

Anticipated API Spec Q1 changes from 9th Edition to API Spec Q1 10th Edition

Based on Ballot draft copy published on API spec Q1 10th Edition, Lets have closer look at the key changes that may be expected.

Changes 10th Edition Effected Documents
Title Change Quality Management System Requirements for Product-Related Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry Note: QMS Manual, Master List of External origin documents
4.1.4 Planning in the QMS Addition requirements has been added for Planning in the QMS in this 10th Edition
4.2.3 Management Representative The new edition has addition responsibilities for MR. MR Appointment Letter and Job description Organization Knowledge This new version added a new requirement to determine, accessible and maintain Organization Knowledge.
4.4.3 Control of Internal Documents New requirement added in Procedure for control of document Some effected documents are procedure for control of internal documents
4.4.4 Control and use of external documents Specifies the procedure contents for control of external documents in more detail compared to old edition. Effects many documents
4.5 Control of Records New edition added controls for records when any “alterations” are made to it. Procedure for control of Records
5.4.2 Design and Development Inputs New design input is added in API Spec Q1 10th Edition Procedure for design and development Design & Development Input forms Purchasing Procedure The 10th Edition now mandates the inclusion of specific controls which encompass Supplier Evaluation, re-evaluation, and record-keeping, particularly in cases where the supplier is specified by a customer contract. 1. Procedure for Supplier Management and Purchasing
2. Supplier initial evaluation and re-evaluation form
3. Approved Supplier List Initial Supplier Evaluation – Critical Purchases An important NOTE is added for facilities transitioning to API Spec Q1 10th Edition 1. Procedure for Supplier Management and Purchasing
2. Supplier initial evaluation and re-evaluation form
3. Approved Supplier List
5.6.2 Purchasing Information New requirement added for purchasing information for “approval requirements for product release“. 1. Procedure for Supplier Management and Purchasing
2. Purchasing Information
3. Material Specification
5.8 Control of Testing, Measuring, Monitoring, and Detection Equipment (TMMDE) This latest edition adds new type of equipment such as “Detection Equipment Procedure for Control of TMMDE
5.11 Management of Change New Requirement to maintain a procedure for controlling MOC process is included in API Spec Q1 10th Edition 1. Procedure for Control of MOC
2. MOC Form
6.2.2 Internal Audit Added requirement for critical processes for production and servicing Procedure for Internal Audit
6.4.2 Corrective Actions New Edition removed the requirements for Preventive Action 1. Procedure for CAPA
2. CAPA Report

API Spec Q1 Certification, specifically designed for the oil and gas industry, proves its effectiveness in risk management, leadership, and continuous improvement. It enjoys widespread recognition and acceptance within the industry, offering significant benefits to organizations that adopt it.

Disclaimer: The information provided regarding the anticipated changes from the API Spec Q1 9th Edition to API Spec Q1 10th Edition is based on ballot draft publications and industry insights. Please note that these changes may or may not be implemented in the final edition. Stay tuned for official updates and up-to-date information.