How Oil & Gas Service Companies Get Benefited By API Q2 Certification

The international standard ISO 9001 specifies requirements for a quality management system that has to be managed within an organization and its ability to consistently provide products and services that are compliant to regulatory requirements. Alike API Specification Q2 standard was the prominent quality management system certification for industries directed toward service providers and was designed to minimize risk and improve decision making, efficiency, and safety performance.

API Q2 standard includes key quality management system requirements, as well as additional requirements that aims at executing services or provision of service-related products in the execution of the service. The requirements are delivered in such a way to minimize the likelihood of nonconformity in the execution of a service.

More specifically, API Q2 Certification is required to the execution of upstream services and also it applies to the functions associated with well servicing, equipment repair/maintenance and inspection activities. Assisting oilfield service company’s API Q2 primarily targets in offering primarily drilling, completions and concreting, the Q2 standard can be very beneficial to other types of businesses. Apart from ISO 9001 and API Q1, API Q2 stands at its best with several key additions to the standards that hugely benefits service companies if implemented. Relying on this standard not only improve a company’s operational excellence but also help them in the planning and execution of projects.

Here are the reasons that show how API Q2 Certification adds value to the service companies and stand beyond other standards are as follows:

Risk Management

Irrespective of size a service company risk will be a major complication to be worked and taken care of, to analyse, assess and execute flawless performance robust risk management in place is a must. API Q2 Certification for services companies serves widely beneficial to the bottom line by avoiding unnecessary risk.

Proper Planning

The next key step to be performed after risk assessment, with API Q2 in place services companies can plan things and it can be easily executed even the worst-case scenario plays out as identified during the planning phase of a project.

Execution Of Service

At the stage of execution API Q2 standard open up a way for performing service quality planning, which is performed rarely in other standards which are considered as a key quality for service companies.

Right System

API Q2 Certification for service companies would be the right system as it provides step by step analysis to fulfil the requirements and assists in identifying the service process status and performing service validation and verification. This can be performed for any type of service activity to make sure that the proper acceptance criteria have been met.

Preventative Maintenance

Makes it a default criterion to inspect & test functions, which are being considered as an effective way for service companies to maintain quality standards.

Change Management Addressing

At times companies may change process or design things without analyzing the impacts such as efficiency, process functions, health and safety measures, and other criteria, API Q2 standard makes it mandatory to notify the changes which greatly reduces downstream impacts.

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