Why You Need API Q1, Q2 & Monogram Certification For Oil And Gas Industries?

As technology evolves quality standards within the Oil and Gas Industry has seen diverse advancements, the API Q1, and Q2 certification become the prominent quality standard. This aims at assisting businesses by improving operations and achieving the required outcomes. Adherence to API standards businesses develop an identity and improve overall quality standard levels. API can either be as a stand-alone certification or often in conjunction with the API Monogram Program which relates to the specific API product and technical specification compliance.

Apart from diverse industries being specific to Oil or Gas, it is crucial to be aware of the standards and its specification and the way how the standard is designed in such a way that businesses get benefited. Let’s discuss here in detail.

What Does It Offer API Q1, Q2 And Monogram Certification?

Always remember that without API certification of API technical specification compliance – you will be unable to supply certain products to clients.

Since 1994 ISO 9001 has been modified and it accounts for over 85% of businesses in the developed economies and reduced manufacturing control costs. API Q1 and its associated API Monogram Program linked to the API Product Specifications have been developed to rectify this bias. API Q2 Standard has been developed for organizations providing services and product services to the Oil and Gas Industry.

The quality management standard API Q1 and Q2 were developed and controlled by API (American Petroleum Institute), exclusive for Oil and Gas Industry. Over the last 3 decades, there have been many initiatives came to existence but now this has been the recognized standard that greatly assists in elevating Oil and Gas Industry quality.

If an organization needs to achieve API Q1 and the API Monogram or API Q2 approval, then it should follow some measures that it must be committed to a focused and systematic approach with fact-based decision making.

Listed are the key highlights showcasing the role and significance of API Q1, Q2 standards and the API Monogram

  • Emphasis on customers, with requirements to fully understand and agree
  • No compromise in quality
  • On-going surveillance visits and API accredited assessment
  • Involvement of trained, qualified and competent executive assistance
  • Effective processes approach and working systems
  • Applicable laws and regulations
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

Benefits Of API Q1, Q2 And Monogram Program

  • API certification provides confidentiality to any business is using a documented system and your products fulfil customer requirements as well as being committed to improve
  • API Q1 and Q2 are mutually competent and provide gives equivalent confidence for services and product quality
  • Clients can often specify compliance to a specific API specification
  • Provides a systematic and integrated approach to business processes
  • Showcases a clear structure and brings in transparency within operating processes
  • Plays a major role in retaining existing customers and in gaining new customers

How To Obtain API Q1, Q2 And Monogram Certification?

The quick and easy way to get API certification, please contact us. Here are the few common steps:

  • Assess your operation and products compared to the defined specification and standard’s requirements & then document
  • Implement, train & refine
  • Check internally (Audit) & management review; continue the refining
  • External check (API accredited assessor). When successful the certification, then on-going yearly surveillance visits

It’s never too late to take initiatives, and upgrade processes. Let us know your requirements and become compliant with API Q1, Q2 and Monogram certification. Visit www.vegascg.com today to see in detail about our API certification services.

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