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ISO 20121:2012 Certification

ISO 20121:2012

The ISO 20121:2012 certification is based on the international standard for sustainable event management, created by the ISO for an event sustainability management system. It aims to improve the sustainability of an organizations throughout the entire event management cycle.

It also includes practical guidance on communications, operational planning and control, stakeholder identification and engagement, supply chain management and procurement, and issue evaluation.

This event sustainability management systems is a complete systematic approach to impose sustainability into the event planning cycle. This certified standard helps an organization in understanding the requirements and also managing the sustainable development issues.

It is suitable for an organization in the events industry and for:

  • Event organizers for events of all sizes
  • Contractors, stage builders, and caterers
  • Sound and lighting engineers
  • Security companies

ISO 20121 Certification process
The certification process flows through the following steps.

  • Gap analysis
  • Formal assessment
  • Certification and beyond

Case Studies – Goodwood Events Operations Team
Goodwood is a venue that operates major international events. By implementing ISO 20121 they have seen a 50% reduction in paper consumption for printing and an 40% increase in the use of public transport to events.

Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy (WPNSA)
By implementing ISO 20121, this Olympic venue showed a reduction in utility costs by 15% through efficient waste management and energy use. This certification has helped to reduce the risk of legal breaches and improved its reputation with its stakeholders.

Requirements of ISO 20121 Certification

  •   Some of the latest requirements of ISO 20121 are as follows:
  •   It involves the need to identify the significant sustainability issues in relation to your event/organization’s scope and the relationship between society, economy and environment for sustainable development.
  •   The new requirement is to identify new emerging issues. An emerging issue could be a famine or a drought in the area.
  •   For legal and other requirements, the organization should aspire to international best practice in places of minimum environmental, social or economic safeguards.

Benefits of ISO 20121 Certifications

  •   ISO 20121 has delivered benefits such as:
  •   Reduction in the impact events have on local communities
  •   Cost savings by minimizing waste and energy consumption.
  •   Compatible for all sizes and types of events
  •   Counsel on operational planning and controlling, shareholders’ involvement, and supply chain management.

Event Management System helps to reduce the burden of workload along with attendee management and event marketing. It offers complete control over the events and makes sure to fetch you time to plan about the growth of your company. It is the application of project management for the development of events irrespective of its size.