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ISO 39001:2018 Certification

ISO 39001:2018

ISO 39001 specifies the requirements for a Road Traffic Safety (RTS) management system. It also serves as a tool for organizations to reduce and eventually eliminate accidents, deaths and severe injuries associated with road traffic crashes.

An ISO 39001 accredited organization can help to achieve the goals and objectives in road traffic safety.
This certification is applicable to both public and private organizations that interact with the road traffic system. It helps in:

  • Establishing and maintaining an RTS management system
  • Assuring conformity with RTS policy
  • Demonstrating conformity with International Standard

Performance Factors

  •   Risk exposure factors that covers traffic volume and mileage by vehicle and road user type and volume of product provided by the organization
  •   Final safety outcome factors covers the number of deaths and serious injuries
  •   Intermediate safety outcome factors covers the safe planning, design, operation and use of the road network

Benefits of ISO 39001

  •   Some of the benefits of an ISO 39001 certified company are as follows:
  •   Helps ensure quality and road traffic safety
  •   Prevention of road traffic accidents.
  •   Reduction in deaths and injuries and vehicle repair costs.
  •   Gain competitive advantage
  •   Ensure customer reliability

Road traffic injury has been one of the leading causes of work-related injuries. A road safety system serves as a front for good practice of road safety in any organization. It provides pointers for organizations that has the need to improve its road safety performance.

Therefore, safety management systems are widely used by major corporations to limit organizational exposure to safety risks, and underpin safe aviation, maritime and rail transport operations.