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API Spec Q1 Overview
API Spec Q1 Consultancy
API Spec Q1 Training
API Spec Q1 Overview

API Spec Q1 Overview

API Spec Q1 Certification, 9th Edition - Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Manufacturing Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry. The API Q1 Certification is Intended for Companies Who Manufacture Equipment or Components of Equipment Used in the Oil and Natural Gas Production.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) develops many standards for Oil & Natural Gas industry. Certifying for API Spec Q1 & Q2 or Monogram specification qualifies an organization to work in Oil and Natural Gas industry with global recognition.

API Spec Q1 is a quality management (QMS) standard for product manufacturers in the oil and gas industry. API Spec Q1 meets all of the ISO 9001 requirements, plus additional elements deemed valuable by the oil and natural gas industry.

The API Spec Q1 quality management system was designed to help an organizations meet the requirements to consistently manufacture their products. API spec Q1 licensing is the basis for obtaining an API Monogram license for marking of various products used in the oil and gas industry.

API Spec Q1 Certification

The API published its latest version of API Spec Q1 in June 2013, and organization that wishes to remain certified to API’s quality standards API Spec Q1 9th Edition under APIQR program takes a different approach to quality management by bringing risk assessment and risk management to the new edition to help business owners.

The API Spec Q1 is the combination of risk assessment and risk management. Obtaining API Q1 Certification helps organization to continually focus less on risk management and commitment to ensuring a better quality, safety and reliability.

Being a market leader, Vegas Consulting provides complete package of API Spec Q1 Certification Consulting, Auditing, Training, and Implementation services that encompass the activities, starting from the application package to the time you receive your certification.

Our API Q1 consulting services are designed to help you establish a robust quality management system that can meet the requirements of API Specification Q1.

APIQR offered by API which will allow you to get certified on API Q1 and ISO 9001, get the API Monogram License all at the same time.

Benefits of API Spec Q1 Certification:

  • Meet oil and gas industry and customer demands for API certified or licensed products
  • Increase revenues and overcome your competitors
  • Increased product credibility due to API Spec Q1 certification and monogram license
  • Improve operations and reduce risks within your organization
  • Helps to create very efficient and consistent processes
  • Increases productivity
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Protects the reputation of a company
  • Strengthens the supply chain

How We Can Help?

Vegas Consulting Group can help you design an API Spec Q1 quality management system that meets your customer requirements and a requirement of API QMS is well addressed. Our experienced API Spec Q1 Consultant will assist your organization in designing, developing, and implementing your API Specification Q1 management system.

Our commitment is to provide you with comprehensive and goal-oriented API Spec Q1 Consulting services that address your API compliance and certification needs.

Invest in your future by improving your business. Our API Spec Q1 Certification Services has helped many clients to built long-term success. We guarantee your management system will get API Spec Q1 Certification.

Contact us today for the first step to apply for API Spec Q1 Certification. Click here to get free discussion or quote about API Q1 certification standard.
API Spec Q1 Consultancy

API Spec Q1 Consultancy

Vegas Consulting is an experienced organization in the field of oil and gas industry, offers training, consultation and implementation services to a wide range of customers; operating from the various global customers. American Petroleum Institute’s (API) Spec Q1, specification for quality programs, allows companies to meet current customer requirements or forge new client relationships by becoming an API Spec Q1 registered organization.

If your organization manufactures products or provides industry services requiring an API Monogram, Vegas CG can train, implement, document, verify and audit a management system conforming to API Spec Q1 requirements

Our Methodology:

Vegas Consulting Group with its worldwide clientele and implementation expertise has experts and specialists who have a thorough knowledge and successful experience leading and controlling entities through API QMS.

Our API Spec Q1 Consultants are experienced in API product specifications and can assist your organization in the following areas:

  • Gap assessments on existing system
  • Design development & documentation, including API QMS quality manual, procedures, etc.
  • API Q1 quality management system basic training
  • Implementation assistance as prerequisites by APIQR
  • Internal audit & management reviews
  • Data analysis & continual improvement methods
  • Preparation for an API Q1 Certification audit

Our extended API Spec Q1 consultancy services program is designed to help our client during needs. Your organization can choose to outsource API Q1 quality manager to Vegas CG. This program offers additional day on-site to perform many of the required implementation and documentation steps and to accelerate the implementation process.

Vegas CG has helped many clients to achieve API Q1 Certification through our end-to-end API Q1 consulting.

Please feel free to call us for any query or get more information about your requirement of API Q1 Consulting Services.
API Spec Q1 Training

API Spec Q1 Training

Vegas Consulting offers various training program in API QMS. Our API Spec Q1 Training Services are designed by industrial experts, providing border knowledge on the standards and qualify individuals globally through certification.

Vegas CG training program on API Spec Q1 Training is focused on giving the most scope of the management system for those preparing organizations of API Monogram, API Spec Q1 certification.

In this broad workshop-based training, you will gain immense skills along with the implementation requirements and methodology of API Spec Q1, API Monogram programs under APIQR offer by API.

The sections mentioned below are highlighted in the API Spec Q1 Course:

  • Quality Management System Requirements
  • Product Realization
  • Quality Management System Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis and Improvement

Courses We Offer:

Who Are Qualified To Attend The Training?

  • Organizations / Personnel is Interested in API Certification
  • API Monogram Licensees / API Applicants
  • Quality Assurance Personnel
  • Manufacturers of Oilfield Equipment
  • API – Quality Management System Auditors
  • Management Representative
  • Students (Graduate, post-graduate) & Others

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the course, participants should have the knowledge and understanding of the following:

  • Introduction to API quality management system & certification process
  • Overview of ISO 9000 series & API Spec Q1
  • Brief discussion and training on each specific requirements of API Spec Q1
  • Techniques in developing  & establishing API quality management system
  • Methodology on performing and documenting  risk assessments, plan for contingencies, management of change (MOC), and create quality plans
  • Audit planning & audit techniques for API QMS
  • Audit protocol; Recording and reporting non-conformances
  • Audit follow-up; Group presentation & case studies
  • Role play; Written examination

Course Approach and Methodology:

Workshop based training, combining various techniques like,

  • Live Discussions, Brainstorming and Case Studies
  • Activities, Readings and Sharing Practical Experiences
  • Top tier Audit Practices
  • Mock Audits and Feedback session from the above activities
Please call or drop us a line to learn more about how Vegas Consulting can assist your organization to achieve API Spec Q1 Training Courses.